Thief spotted stealing underwear from outside house in northern India

Thief spotted stealing underwear from outside house in northern India

A thief was spotted stealing underwear which was hung outside of a house to dry, in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Jabalpur on April 4.

CCTV footage captured the act wherein the man arrived in front of the house on a scooter. His face was covered with a piece of cloth to conceal his identity. He parked his vehicle at a distance and walked over to the front of the house.

After looking around here and there to check if he was being seen or not, the thief steadily walked towards the house and took away the underwear. He also checked if it would fit him or not before running away from the area with the undergarment.
Recent thefts have been reported in two locations in Jabalpur, namely Vijaynagar (Urban) and Panagar (rural). One incident occurred in Bilgawan village under the jurisdiction of Panagar police station, where Sunita Kori, along with other villagers, filed a complaint stating that the thief made off with numerous clothes overnight. A similar incident was reported in the Vijayanagar police station area. CCTV footage captured a masked thief conducting reconnaissance. Kalpit Saraogi, a resident of Vijayanagar, recounted how a masked individual arrived on a scooty and stole undergarments from his home. He mentioned similar occurrences in the past.
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