Thief strikes ancient temple in southern India; CCTV capture robbery

Thief strikes ancient temple in southern India; CCTV capture robbery

A commotion erupted in southern India’s Telangana as a thief broke into the Ayyappa Swamy Temple, and stole from the hundi (money box) late at night.


The incident took place at Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Peddapalli district on May 29.

Visuals showed in the dimly lit interior of the temple, a man stealthily enters, moving with calculated precision towards the collection box. With a practiced hand, the intruder swiftly produces a tool, deftly manipulating the lock of the box. Without hesitation, the thief extracts the contents of the collection box, swiftly secreting the stolen funds into his pocket before fleeting away.


The tranquility of the Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Peddapalli district was shattered when a daring thief sneaked into its premises late at night, taking advantage of the lack of surveillance. Armed with a weapon, the thief swiftly targeted the hundi, breaking it open to retrieve the donations inside.


Unbeknownst to the thief, the entire heist was captured by the newly installed CCTV cameras in the temple. These cameras, acting as vigilant sentinels, recorded every move of the thief, providing crucial evidence for the police investigation that followed.


In response to the incident, authorities have intensified efforts to apprehend the thief, utilizing the footage from the CCTV cameras to identify and track down the culprit. The temple committee, meanwhile, has pledged to enhance security measures to prevent such incidents in the future, vowing to remain vigilant in safeguarding the sanctity of the temple and its offerings.

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