Thief swiftly flees with gold worth $ 4,789 in northern India

Thief swiftly flees with gold worth $ 4,789 in northern India

A robber in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh has swiftly absconded with gold worth rs. 4 lakhs (USD 4,789).

The robbery took place in Bhootnath market, Ghazipur district of Lucknow on June 16.

Visuals showed the robber sitting calmly in the jewelry shop and scrolling over his phone. He was seen talking to the shop’s owner and after a while he smoothly slided the phone into his pocket and quietly picked the jewelry from the desk.

In the other set of visuals the shopkeeper was seen running behind the robber to catch him however the shopkeeper failed in doing so.

According to reports, the robber was in the shop for a span of 15 minutes where he kept looking at the gold bracelets and gold chains. The man had entered the shop as a customer and later turned out to be a robber getting away with 2 gold chains and 2 gold bracelets.

According to officials, DSP Abhijeet R. Shankar of Ghazipur police station narrated the completed incident and stated that the concerned man entered the shop in the afternoon around 12:50 pm. He stated that the man selected a few pieces of jewelry. Reportedly the robber made the excuse of getting the money from his home and started leaving the shop.

Furthermore, according to reports, DSP had also claimed that 2 teams of police have been sent to search for the man and the investigation has started.

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