Leopard rescued from deep well in southern India

Leopard rescued from deep well in southern India

In a dramatic rescue, forest department officials saved a leopard that had fallen into a well in southern India’s Kerala.

The incident took place near the Kannankuzhi bridge in Athirappilly area of Thrissur on June 7.

Visuals showed the forest department team undertook a careful rescue operation to save the leopard that had fallen into the well. They placed a sturdy ladder into the well, providing a way for the leopard to climb out. With some encouragement and guidance from the team, the leopard used the ladder to make its way up and out of the well, ensuring a safe and successful rescue.

The incident occurred around 3 AM when residents of the Pidakkery house heard unusual noises coming from the well. Upon investigating, they were shocked to discover a leopard struggling inside. The family immediately alerted the Kannankuzhi Forest Department office.

Responding swiftly, the Chalakkudy Animal Rescue Team arrived at the scene. The rescue operation involved lowering a ladder into the well, which the leopard used to climb out. The team ensured the animal was unharmed and later guided it back to the nearby forest area.

Local residents praised the forest official T Rajan and his team for their prompt and efficient response, which ensured the safety of both the leopard and the community.

This incident highlights the ongoing human-wildlife interactions in the region, prompting calls for increased measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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