Torrential rain causes havoc in southern India; vehicles washed away

Torrential rain causes havoc in southern India; vehicles washed away

Northern India’s Karnataka experienced relentless rainfall, leading to chaos and disruption of normal life.

The incident took place at Rajanala at Tulaja Bhavani circle on Dajiban Peth in Hubballi on May 11.

Visuals showed that due to heavy rainfall, water accumulated on the road to a considerable height, trapping people who got stuck in the waterlogged area.

The relentless rainfall that engulfed North Karnataka on Saturday wreaked havoc across several districts, particularly Hubli, Dharwad, and Belgaum. Hubli city witnessed main roads inundated with rainwater, creating hazardous conditions for commuters and residents alike.

The situation was no different in Dharwad city, where heavy downpours disrupted daily life and caused widespread inconvenience.

In Belgaum city and Sankeshwar town, the situation took a dire turn as continuous rainfall led to overflowing ditches and water bodies. Near Sankeshwar town, the force of the rushing water caused two cars and a pick-up vehicle parked nearby to be swept away, amplifying the scale of the disaster.

The intensity of the rainfall was further compounded by thunder, adding to the sense of urgency and concern among residents and authorities alike.

As rescue and relief efforts are underway, local authorities are urging residents to exercise caution and remain vigilant amidst the ongoing inclement weather conditions. With forecasts suggesting further rainfall in the region, the focus remains on mitigating the impact and ensuring the safety of those affected by the deluge.


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