Torrential rain inundated roads in eastern India

Torrential rain inundated roads in eastern India

Heavy rains have caused severe flooding along a key roadway in eastern India’s West Bengal, submerging it under water weeks before the expected onset of the monsoon season.

The incident took place at a road connecting Darjeeling to Teesta on June 13.

Visuals showed the road was heavily flooded, with water pooling extensively across its surface. The current of the water was swift, creating a rushing flow that made the road nearly impassable.

According to reports at least six people were killed and 1,500-odd tourists have been stranded as massive landslides triggered by incessant rainfall caused devastation in northern Sikkim’s Mangan district, officials said on Thursday.

Due to torrential rainfall in Sikkim this week, surging water levels in the Teesta river wrought havoc in Kalimpong in north Bengal, flooding the Teesta Bazar area and leading to the closure of Kalimpong-Darjeeling Road.

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