Torrential rains cause severe flooding due to faulty drainage system in western India

Torrential rains cause severe flooding due to faulty drainage system in western India

Following another round of heavy rainfall in western India’s Maharashtra faulty drainage system has resulted in severe flooding. Roads are submerged, creating flood-like conditions with rapidly flowing water.


The incident took place at the Ramwadi Underpass in Kalyani Nagar area of Pune and the video went viral on June 8.

Visuals showed the underpass road was severely flooded due to excessive rainfall, resembling a flood situation. Traffic movement was greatly hindered as vehicles struggled to navigate through the waterlogged area.


According to reports the stormwater drainage system in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, faced a severe test this month when a torrential downpour resulted in significant flooding, exposing major flaws in the infrastructure. The Ramwadi underpass was inundated with sewage water, submerging vehicles and flooding local streets and residential areas.


Qaneez Sukhrani, convenor of the Nagar Road Citizens Association, has persistently alerted authorities to these issues, emphasizing the absence of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and inadequate pre-monsoon checks. “Every year, deadlines for Pre-Monsoon Preparedness are set but never met. Streets get flooded, potholes deepen, garbage piles up, and stormwater drains remain in poor shape or non-existent,” she lamented.


The civic body’s repeated notifications about the flooding—sent on May 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 28th, and as recently as June 5th—highlight the ongoing neglect. Although the Ramwadi Underpass was cleared on the night of June 4th, Vice Chairperson of TSKN, Drayson Dixon, warned that similar issues are likely as the monsoon continues.


Advocate Aarti Ratanlal Sonagra, another citizen activist, criticized the inadequate stormwater infrastructure, noting that even light showers flood areas like Viman Nagar Chowk. “The duties of the Corporations often fall to the traffic police, who end up cleaning drains instead of managing traffic,” she remarked, questioning the efficacy of the municipal corporation.


As the monsoon intensifies, the situation is expected to worsen. Sukhrani urged, “All administrations must fulfill their responsibilities to tax paying citizens. Year-round SOPs are needed to ensure consistent and effective stormwater management.”


The failure to address these longstanding issues not only disrupts daily life but also raises concerns about the city’s preparedness for increasingly severe weather patterns.

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