Torrential rains flood district in southern India

Torrential rains flood district in southern India

Heavy overnight rains have caused severe flooding in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh, inundating entire neighbourhoods and essential facilities in Proddutur. 


The incident took place in the Kadapa district on June 18.

Visuals showed people struggling to walk on the roads and travel in autos with the water level rising upto knee high.


According to the reports, residents of Uppagu Colony woke up to find their homes submerged under three feet of water, forcing many to evacuate.

Key infrastructures were not spared, as the Mandal Revenue Office (MRO), the fire station, and the traffic police station in Proddutur experienced knee-deep flooding, hampering their operations. Surrounding areas also faced significant water accumulation, affecting daily life and mobility.


Emergency services are working tirelessly to assist those affected, while local authorities are assessing the extent of the damage. The heavy rains have highlighted the need for improved drainage systems in the region to prevent such incidents in the future.

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