Tractor overturns in high-stakes duel in northern India

Tractor overturns in high-stakes duel in northern India

In a tragic incident in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, a friendly bet between two men turned fatal.

The incident took place in Itaunja, Lucknow city on June 22.

Visuals showed as the race began, Jogendra’s tractor pulled Neeraj’s with a sudden jerk, causing Neeraj’s tractor to flip and crush him underneath.

According to reports, Neeraj and Jogendra engaged in a high-stakes tractor tug-of-war, betting ₹15,000 (179.56 USD). They parked their tractors in opposite directions and tied them with an iron chain. 

Despite desperate efforts by onlookers to rescue him, Neeraj was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Known for his love of tractor stunts, Neeraj had won similar bets twice before.

The police, unaware of the dangerous stunts being performed in the area, have launched an investigation. DCP confirmed that those involved in organising and betting on the stunt will be identified and charged.

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