Tractor race in northern India turns tragic, several injured

Tractor race in northern India turns tragic, several injured

A tragic incident unfolded in northern India’s Punjab during a tractor race when one of the vehicles went out of control and plowed into a crowd of spectators.


The incident took place in the village of Domeli in Phagwara and the video went viral on June 16.

Visuals showed in an open field, several tractors were performing stunts, showing off their impressive maneuvers. Suddenly, one of the tractors went out of control and crashed into the crowd that had gathered to watch. The scene quickly turned chaotic as panic and confusion erupted among the spectators. People were seen running in all directions, trying to escape the path of the runaway tractor.


The incident, which has since gone viral on social media, occurred in broad daylight and has led to serious injuries for many, with reports indicating that five to ten individuals have been hospitalized. Eyewitness accounts detail the chaos and panic that ensued as the runaway tractor barreled towards onlookers.


Gurpreet Singh, one of the victims, recounted the terrifying moment the tractor struck him and others, while another victim, Ratan Singh, described how he and his friend were injured by the vehicle. The local police have seized three tractors and detained four individuals in connection with the incident.


The local administration is facing intense scrutiny over how permission was granted for the race, especially given that such events are reportedly banned. Concerns are mounting over the authorities’ failure to prevent the race, which highlights potential lapses in enforcement and public safety measures.


This tragic event has sparked a broader debate on the necessity of stringent regulations and oversight for local events to prevent such accidents in the future.

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