Tragic car accident in northern India: 3 injured rescued from 200-meter deep ditch

Tragic car accident in northern India: 3 injured rescued from 200-meter deep ditch

A devastating vehicle accident occurred in northern India’s Uttarakhand, resulting in the deaths of four people and injuries to three others.


The incident took place near Khirsu Chowbatta in Pauri district on June 16.

Visuals showed the damaged car, the rescue team rescuing the people on stretchers with the help of a helicopter and the dispatching them to ambulances.

The accident involved a Swift car that lost control and plunged into a 200-meter deep ditch.

Upon receiving information from Kotwali Srinagar, the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), led by Sub-Inspector Devidutt Barthwal, promptly responded to the scene. The district police and local residents had already rescued three injured individuals and sent them to the hospital. The bodies of the four deceased were also retrieved from the ditch.

The SDRF team conducted a thorough search around the accident site and handed over recovered items to the district police. The injured victims, all minors, are:  Kanha, 11, son of Ajay, from Uragi; Sakshi Negi, 14, daughter of Suresh Negi, from Parsunda Khal; Sameeksha Rawat, 15, daughter of Vinod Rawat, from Kathuli.

The deceased victims are Suresh Negi, associated with Srishti Negi, from Parsunda Khal, 15 years old; Aarushi, 9, daughter of Ajay, from Uragi; Soumya, 5, daughter of Ganesh, from Parsunda Khal; Manwar Singh, also known as Sonu, the driver.

Sakshi Negi and Sameeksha Rawat were critically injured and have been airlifted to AIIMS Rishikesh for advanced medical care. The tragic accident has left the local community in shock and mourning.

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