Tragic! Disastrous fire breaks out at petrol pump in northern India

Tragic! Disastrous fire breaks out at petrol pump in northern India

A disastrous fire outbreak took place at a petrol pump in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Sector 37 in Noida on June 11.

Visuals showed the petrol pump turning into fumes late at night. Amongst the chaos and fright on spot, fire fighters were seen to effortlessly work towards getting the situation in control.

According to the reports, no casualties occurred during the incident. The cause of the incident still remains unknown and the investigation is being carried out.

Additional deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Manish Mishra stated that the fire had come under control. “In Sector 37, a fire was reported near a petrol pump at around 10:00 pm. The Chief Fire Official (CFO) and their team reached here immediately and around 10 fire tenders were also called in.The fire is now under control. The reason for the fire is being determined. There have not been any injuries in the incident.”

The Chief Fire Officer said that the information about the fire was received at around 10:00 pm. CFO Pradeep Kumar stated that, “the fire broke out in a shop adjacent to the petrol pump. The fire was so intense that it engulfed the roof of the petrol pump. 10 fire tenders were called to the spot. Currently, the fire has been controlled and the cooling down process is being completed.”
Traffic has been stopped on the road passing by the fuel station. The reason for the fire is yet to be ascertained, he added.

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