Tragic! elephant hit by speeding train in northeastern India

Tragic! elephant hit by speeding train in northeastern India

A heart-wrenching incident took place in northeastern India’s Assam where an elephant was hit fatally by a speeding train.

The tragic incident took place near Jagiroad Railway Station in Morigaon district on July 10.

Visuals showed the elephant in extreme pain and distress during the incident. Despite attempting to stand, it was unable to do so. Onlookers were distressed as the train halted. The elephant, with blood on its skin, collapsed onto the railway tracks within seconds and soon succumbed to its injuries.

According to reports, the pachyderm, along with another elephant separated from the herd, was struck by the Silchar-bound Kanchanjunga Express at Tegheria. Railway personnel and locals cleared the carcass from the tracks, allowing train services to resume.

Reportedly, the other elephants crossed the tracks. There was no disruption or delay in train services caused due to the accident. Veterinarians have arrived at the scene to conduct a post-mortem examination.

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