Tragic fire engulfs shop in northern India, destroys valuable goods

Tragic fire engulfs shop in northern India, destroys valuable goods
A massive fire took place in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh and engulfed a shop destroying valuable goods stored in the shop.
The incident took place in Ashni Chauraha in the Maharajganj police station area in Raebareli on July 4.
Visuals showed fierce flames engulfing the shop, casting a terrifying glow in the evening sky. Thick black smoke rose ominously, swirling in the air. The shop burned intensely, leaving onlookers in distress.
According to officials the smoke and the intense flames began emerging from the medical store earlier in the day. Just in time, the shop owner, Gaurav Shukla and his family escaped through the rear exit, as the front door was engulfed in flames. He promptly contacted the medical store operator for help.
According to reports, Akash Awasthi and his family called emergency services as firefighters arrived and battled to control the blaze, which consumed the medical store, leaving medicines, furniture, and more destroyed. Gaurav Shukla’s room also caught fire, resulting in an estimated loss of approximately $13,500 to $16,200. Gaurav, his wife Ananya, and their infant narrowly escaped through the back door, avoiding tragedy.

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