Tragic hotel fire claims teen’s life in southern India, leaves parents critically injured

Tragic hotel fire claims teen’s life in southern India, leaves parents critically injured

A devastating fire engulfed a roadside hotel in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh, resulting in the tragic death of a teenage girl and leaving her parents critically injured.

The incident took place at Jallipalle village of Kuderu mandal in Anantapur district on April 16.

Visuals showed a horrifying blaze engulfing a tiffin center, reducing the entire hotel to smoldering ruins. The flames raged fiercely, sending thick plumes of smoke billowing into the air. Nearby bystanders scrambled to extinguish the fire, frantically tossing buckets of water in a desperate attempt to quell the inferno. Amidst the chaos, an atmosphere of palpable tension and urgency hung heavy in the air.

According to reports the fire engulfed a roadside hotel, resulting in the death of a teenage girl and critical injuries to her parents. The fire, believed to have originated from a gas cylinder leak in the kitchen, broke out on Tuesday afternoon.

Nagabushanam and Jyothi, the owners of the hotel, were diligently attending to their duties after the lunch hour, with no customers present at the time. Suddenly, flames erupted from the kitchen area, quickly spreading through the premises. Tragically, their daughter, Pratyusha, was caught in the inferno and succumbed to the blaze despite her parents’ frantic efforts to rescue her.

The injured couple, Nagabushanam and Jyothi, were rushed to the area hospital in Anantapur, where they remain under critical care, battling severe burns and injuries sustained in the ordeal.

Local authorities have initiated an investigation into the incident, registering a case to ascertain the exact cause of the fire and determine any possible negligence or safety violations. The community is left reeling from the loss of young Pratyusha and the plight of her parents, as they come to terms with the tragic consequences of the unforeseen disaster.

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