Tragic rescue effort: 12 mules saved, 2 perish after footbridge cable snap in Nepal

Tragic rescue effort: 12 mules saved, 2 perish after footbridge cable snap in Nepal

In a harrowing incident that unfolded in a remote area in Nepal, a suspension bridge connecting two municipalities became the site of a desperate rescue operation. 


The incident took place near the Karnali River on June 9.

Visuals showed a cable on one side of the bridge snapped, leaving 14 mules stranded high above the river below. It was a heart-wrenching scene of the mules dangling precariously from the bridge, their legs protruding through the gaps, as they struggled to free themselves. The bridge, already in a state of disrepair, posed a perilous situation for the trapped animals. Rescue efforts swiftly mobilized, with teams from the Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Police, along with local residents, joining forces to save the distressed mules. With no time to spare, they made the difficult decision to cut the wires holding the mules, dropping them into the river below in a bid to rescue them.


Tragically, despite the valiant efforts of the rescue teams, two of the mules did not survive the ordeal. One mule had already succumbed while trapped on the bridge, and another tragically perished during the rescue attempt. 

The mules, integral to transporting essential goods in the region’s rugged terrain, were part of a supply train destined for Khidkijyula Bazar in Athbiskot Municipality. Their rescue highlights the challenges faced by communities reliant on such animals for transportation in areas lacking adequate road networks.


Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunil Dahal, Chief of the District Police Office in Dailekh, expressed sorrow over the loss of the mules and commended the joint efforts of the rescue teams and locals in saving as many as possible.

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