Tragic! Woman loses life while filming reel in car in western india

Tragic! Woman loses life while filming reel in car in western india

A young woman has lost her life while making reels in a car in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident took place in Datta Dham Temple in Sambhaji Nagar district in Mumbai on June 17.

Visuals showed the woman driving the car in reverse while she did not know how to drive. While the car was in reverse gear, her foot was on the accelerator, causing the car to crash into the side of the mountain and into the valley. Because she could not control the car well, she died on the spot.

According to reports, Shweta and her friend Shivraj Sanjay Mule (25), a resident of Hanuman Nagar, had come from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar to Dutt Dham temple area in Sulibhanjan in the afternoon. While making reels on her mobile phone, she told her friend that she wanted to drive the car then.

Reportedly, the woman died when the car went straight down the hill due to the reverse gear falling and the pressure on the accelerator. The premises of the Datta Temple at Sulibhanjan are panoramic and during the rainy season, it is more open with natural beauty, so devotees and tourists come in large numbers. Meanwhile he was making reels on his mobile phone when the accident took place.

According to officials, the incident would not have happened had there been a fence at this beauty observation site in the temple area.

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