Tragic! workers in cement factory severely injured in southern India

Tragic! workers in cement factory severely injured in southern India
A tragic incident occurred at a cement factory in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh, where workers sustained injuries after hot material that is used in cement manufacturing fell on them.
The incident took place Budawada UltraTech Cement factory in Jaggaiahpet mandal of NTR district on July 7.
Visuals showed the agonizing scene of workers in distress and immense pain following the incident. The horror was evident as many had severe skin burns. Fellow workers desperately poured water on the injured to provide relief.

According to officials, Assistant Commissioner of Police B Ravi Kiran stated there was no blast, however, a large amount of material fell from the third to the second floor, causing severe burn injuries. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu assured full support for the injured workers, directing officials to ensure their care and investigate the accident’s cause promptly.

According to reports, the state’s Chief Minister directed officials to take firm actions against those accountable for the incident. He also mandated that the company compensates the injured workers and assured them of comprehensive support from the state government.

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