Train accident in northern India: seven containers fall from moving freight train, tracks and power lines damaged

Train accident in northern India: seven containers fall from moving freight train, tracks and power lines damaged

A freight train derailment in northern India’s Haryana caused significant disruptions as seven containers fell from the moving train, damaging tracks and overhead power lines, and halting rail services between Delhi and Amritsar.

The incident took place near Tarawadi Railway Station in Karnal on July 2.

Visuals showed a train lay derailed on the tracks, its carriages scattered and tilted at odd angles. Around the wreckage, a crowd had gathered, with people standing in clusters, murmuring among themselves and pointing at the twisted metal. Some curious onlookers were cautiously approaching the site, trying to get a closer look at the damage.

Early this morning, a freight train traveling from Ambala to Delhi encountered a major accident near Tarawadi Railway Station in Karnal. The rear wheels of the train’s last bogie derailed, causing seven containers to tumble onto the railway tracks. One of these containers struck an overhead electrification (OHE) pillar, breaking the OHE line and obstructing both up and down tracks.

Upon receiving the accident report, teams from the Government Railway Police (GRP) and Railway Protection Force (RPF) promptly arrived at the scene. The incident occurred at approximately 4:00 AM when the empty container-laden freight train was en route from Ambala to Delhi. Despite the derailment, the train continued moving for nearly one and a half kilometers before coming to a stop due to its high speed. This caused seven containers from the last four bogies to be thrown onto the tracks, one of which collided with an OHE pillar, severing the line and blocking both tracks.

An unknown truck driver alerted emergency services by dialing 112, which brought local police to the site. Railway authorities quickly dispatched a hydra crane to remove the containers from the tracks and commenced repairs on the damaged OHE line. As a result of the accident, train services on both tracks were suspended, leaving daily commuters stranded and seeking alternative transportation, such as buses.

Railway officials estimate that the tracks will be repaired and operational by this evening. Meanwhile, the disruption has significantly impacted rail travel between Delhi and Amritsar.

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