Transformers saved from overloading with installation of coolers in northern India

Transformers saved from overloading with installation of coolers in northern India

In a bid to prevent transformer failures, authorities resort to cooling them down with water and installing coolers in the vicinity, effectively averting potential overloads.


The incident took place at Amethi and the video went viral on May 29.

Visuals showed two individuals diligently pouring water over the transformer, ensuring it remains cool and does not overload. Adjacent to them, a cooler is strategically placed, contributing to maintaining the optimal temperature of the transformer and preventing any potential breakdowns.


As the summer heatwave tightens its grip on Amroha, the city is grappling with a surge in transformer failures, exacerbating the already precarious electricity supply situation. With temperatures soaring to alarming levels, transformers are struggling to cope with the increased load, resulting in widespread outages across the region.


Over the past few days, more than a hundred transformers have malfunctioned, causing widespread inconvenience to residents and businesses. The situation has escalated dramatically with a significant number of transformers failing in workshops located in Gajraula and Joya. Even transformers within the power substations are overheating, raising concerns among utility officials.

In a race against time, utility workers are tirelessly working to cool down the transformers using water. Scheduled power outages lasting between 10 to 15 minutes are being implemented to facilitate the cooling process. This initiative, undertaken three times a day, aims to stabilize the temperature of the transformers and prevent further breakdowns.


Additionally, in a bid to mitigate the rising temperatures within the transformers, authorities have begun installing coolers in strategic locations. However, the increased demand for electricity, driven by the use of air conditioners and coolers, is adding to the strain on the transformers, further exacerbating the situation.


Despite the challenges, utility workers remain committed to ensuring a stable power supply by employing various measures to regulate the temperature of the transformers. Some workers are even resorting to manually spraying water on the transformers to keep them cool, while others are focused on installing coolers to maintain optimal operating conditions.


With temperatures showing no signs of abating, the efforts to keep the transformers functioning optimally are crucial to preventing widespread power outages and ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply to the residents of Amroha.

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