Tribal woman carried in cart to vote in southern India

Tribal woman carried in cart to vote in southern India

In a heartening display of determination and commitment to democracy, a tribal woman from southern India’s Andhra Pradesh was carried in a traditional cart to cast her vote.

The incident took place at the Alluri Seetharamaraju district on May 13.

Visuals showed the tribal people were carrying an elderly woman in a makeshift cart to take her to vote.

According to reports many tribal communities reside far from the reach of modern infrastructure. With no roads connecting their settlements to polling stations, accessing the ballot box becomes a challenging endeavor during elections.

However, the community’s unwavering belief in the democratic process spurred them into action. Determined not to let any vote go unheard, villagers devised a solution that showcased the true essence of democracy. They fashioned a makeshift cart—a traditional wooden carrier—and, with the utmost care and respect, lifted one of their own, a tribal woman, onto it.

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