Two buses collide on mountain road in northern India, passengers thrown out

Two buses collide on mountain road in northern India, passengers thrown out

In a severe accident on a mountainous route in northern India’s Uttarakhand, two buses collided, causing several passengers to be ejected from the vehicles.

The incident happened in the Pursari area of Chamoli district on May 16.

Visuals showed on a narrow mountain road, two buses approaching each other from opposite directions. In an attempt to give way, one bus slightly veered off course, leading to a collision.

The impact shattered the front mirror of the bus, causing a violent jolt to the passengers seated at the front. Following the collision, the shaken passengers exited the bus to assess the situation.

According to the reports, It is being told that about 20 pilgrims from Rajasthan were going to visit Badrinath Dham in a bus, collided with a bus coming from the opposite direction. The collision between the two buses was so severe that the pilgrims from Rajasthan sitting in the bus going to Badrinath fell out of the window breaking the glass.

It is being told that four pilgrims from Rajasthan were injured in this accident, and were sent to the district hospital Gopeshwar. After treatment, the doctors discharged all the injured. After visiting Badrinath Dham, all the pilgrims returned to Rajasthan.

SI Vinod Panwar of Chamoli Kotwali has confirmed this incident. He said that no complaint has been received from any party in this matter. An agreement was reached between both parties.

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