Two-day-old baby stolen from hospital in northern India

Two-day-old baby stolen from hospital in northern India

A two-day-old baby was stolen from the district women’s hospital in Saharanpur, located in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This happened on August 16.


CCTV footage captured the woman who reportedly stole the newborn. She was seen walking away with the child in her arms. According to a report, the mother, identified as Shahreen, had given birth to this baby boy on August 14. On the day the child was stolen, she was awake till 4 am in the morning with the newborn lying between her and her sister-in-law. She then fell off to sleep and after waking up, received the shock of her life when the child was missing. Shahreen, who is also a mother of five daughters, was left stunned and the cops were quickly informed to look into this matter.

The policemen arrived at the spot and analysed the CCTV footage which revealed this woman. A search operation was initiated into this matter by the cops who are investigating this matter. It was also learnt that this woman has been roaming around in the hospital for quite some days and had even met Shahreen.


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