Two gunmen cause chaos, terror at restaurant in northern India

Two gunmen cause chaos, terror at restaurant in northern India

In a petrifying incident a man was shot during busy hours of a restaurant in northern India’s Delhi.

The cold blooded incident took place at Burger King in Rajouri Garden of West Delhi on June 19.

The visuals are spine chilling footage of the incident. Two men, seated behind the victim, draw their pistols and shoot him in the back. The gunshots created immediate chaos inside the outlet, with people seen fleeing in panic. The victim rushed desperately towards the billing counter while he was being targeted by the gunmen. In the chilling display of terror, they caught the victim and shot him multiple times.

According to reports, at 9:41 PM, the first shots were fired causing panic in the outlet. Aman, who was the victim, was sitting with a girl, who later left the outlet once the firing had started.

According to officials, there were around 50 people present, including a dozen staffers during the incident. Officials stated, “By the time people could comprehend what was happening, the shooters had fired about a dozen bullets. It all happened in seconds… As soon as their first magazines were empty, people started running out.”

Reports further claim that a gangster Himanshu Bhau claimed responsibility, citing revenge for ‘Shaki Dada’s’ killing that took place in Haryana in 2020. Police are verifying the statement and searching for a woman with the victim.

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