Update: Two schoolgirls fall from moving van in western India, driver arrested

Update: Two schoolgirls fall from moving van in western India, driver arrested

In a shocking incident, two schoolgirls fell from a moving van in western India’s Gujarat.

The incident took place at Vadodara on June 19.

Visuals showed in residential area, a school van filled with children was making its way down the road. Suddenly, two schoolgirls, who had been precariously perched near the back door, lost their balance and fell onto the street. The van continued moving forward, oblivious to the incident. The girls hit the ground hard, tumbling rapidly and sustaining minor injuries. Nearby residents, witnessing the fall, rushed to their aid. Shortly thereafter, the van driver, realizing what had happened, returned to the scene along with the remaining children who were still inside the van. The community gathered around to assist the girls and ensure they received the care they needed.

Next footage showed the Police arrested the driver operating the cab during the incident.

Speaking to Newslions, Police Inspector Jayant N Parmar, Makarpura Police Station, said that police team promptly initiated the comprehensive investigation to determine the circumstances of the incident and identify those responsible. Along with Inspector P.D. Parmar from the Traffic Branch, and the police team diligently worked on the case, visiting various locations and gathering evidence using VVTLI cameras. Based on the findings, the driver of the Eeco vehicle, Pratik Bhupatbhai Pandya, was identified and apprehended.

Key police officers including Shri Navinchandra Kothari (Police Commissioner, Vadodara City), Shri Manoj Ninama (Additional Police Commissioner, Zone-3), Dr. Rina Patel (Joint Commissioner, Traffic Branch), Shri Jaimin Patel (Additional Commissioner, F Division) provided crucial instructions and coordinated efforts.

An FIR was lodged against the driver under IPC Sections 279 (rash driving), 336 (endangering life), 337 (causing hurt by endangering life), 114 (abettor present when offense is committed), and sections 180, 181, 184, 192(A) of the Motor Vehicles Act. The driver was found guilty of not ensuring the rear door was securely locked, leading to the children falling out and getting injured.

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