Update: 10-Foot crocodile rescued by officials from Barrage in northern India

Update: 10-Foot crocodile rescued by officials from Barrage in northern India

Note: Update with longer version video


In a dramatic turn of events, a 10-foot-long crocodile emerged from a canal in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, causing alarm among local residents.

The incident occurred on May 29 in Narora Gangaghat, Bulandshahr district.





Visuals showed the crocodile jumped out of the canal and roamed around a railing freely trying to jump across.



The crocodile’s sudden appearance and its attempts to jump across a railing created a tense situation, prompting immediate action from local authorities. The rescue operation, which involved the local police and the forest department, took several hours to complete. Officials worked meticulously to capture the massive reptile safely.

Speaking to Newslions inspector Harveer Singh Chahar (SHO) of the Narora Police Station explained that the crocodile was first spotted by children walking near the canal. They alerted the public, leading to a crowd forming and the police being notified. The police then contacted the forest department.




During the rescue, the crocodile sustained injuries from its efforts to escape, requiring medical attention before being relocated back to its natural habitat in the Ganga River. This incident highlights the challenges of human-wildlife interactions in regions close to natural water bodies in India, and the successful rescue underscores the coordinated efforts to ensure both public safety and animal welfare.

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