Update: Toddler rescued unconscious after falling into borewell in western India village

Update: Toddler rescued unconscious after falling into borewell in western India village

In a tragic incident, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl lost her life after falling into an open borewell in western India’s Gujarat.

The incident took place in Suragapura village, Amreli on June 14.

Visuals showed how the rescue team worked with a lot of effort continuously even during nighttime to recover the child.




According to the reports that a girl named Aarvi fell into a borewell while playing with three other children on farmland owned by Bhanu Kakadiya around noon. She became trapped about 50 feet deep in the well.

The Amreli fire brigade quickly responded and began a rescue operation. By 8 pm on Friday, a team from the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) in Gandhinagar had joined the efforts.




Speaking to Newslions Amreli fire officer Harikrushna Gadhvi said that after a nearly 17-hour overnight rescue effort, the girl was pulled out of the borewell at 5:10 am in an unconscious state. She was immediately attended to by a medical team at the scene and then rushed to Amreli civil hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival.




Mukesh Bhuriya, a fellow worker, mentioned that Aarvi’s father, Karan Amaliyar, is a tribal from Boriyala village in Dahod district’s Garbada taluka. The family had been working as agricultural laborers on Kakadia’s farm for a month. Aarvi fell into the borewell while her parents were sowing cotton nearby. “We heard the cries of three children and rushed over, discovering Aarvi was missing. The children informed us she had fallen into the borewell, and we could hear her cries for help from inside,” Bhuriya said.

Praveen Poonia, assistant commandant of the 6th battalion of NDRF, described the challenges during the rescue. “Some mud had fallen on the girl after locals tried to excavate near the borewell, making her initially inaccessible. Additionally, her arms were parallel to her torso, preventing us from using the standard hooks-and-rod mechanism to grasp her,” he explained. The rescuers first shifted the soil and then reached Aarvi using rods and ropes.

Kalu Sabhaya, the sarpanch of Suragpura, mentioned that Aarvi’s cries were audible until around 3 pm on Friday.

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