Vicious tigress enters village, rescued after marathon operation in northern India

A Bengal Tiger strayed away from its natural habitat and entered a village in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh on March 6.

The incident took place in the Nagla Samal village, located in the Shitalpur Block in Etah District.

Visuals feature the rescue operation underway. The tigress rests atop a tin shed while the forest officials prepare for rescue. They secure nets around the region and use a tranquilizer gun to sedate the big cat. Following this, they carry away the unconscious tigress on a stretcher, relieving the panic-stricken crowd of onlookers.

The six-and-a-half-feet long tigress is a nearly five-year-old female that was first spotted in the village on March 2. During that time, the forest officials combed the region, but could not find the big cat.

On Sunday, the tigress was spotted again, and also injured two people during an animal-man conflict. Following this, the big cat climbed up a tin shed and stayed there for hours while terror gripped the villagers.

The rescue team covered three sides of the shed for the tranquilization operation, which was conducted under the leadership of Dr. RK Singh of Meerut. Two bricks from the wall were removed from behind for a clear aim, following which the tigress was tranquilized.

Moreover, apart from the local forest officials, teams from Aligarh, Meerut, and Agra also reached the spot for the marathon operation, which was led by Aditi Sharma, Conservator of Forests of the Aligarh division.

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