Violence erupt, muslim attacks hindu youth in southern India

Violence erupt, muslim attacks hindu youth in southern India

Violent clashes broke out between Hindu and Muslim youths in a town in southern India’s Telegana, leading to a tense situation in the area.

The incident took place in Medhak town on June 15.

Visuals showed crowds of hundreds breaking and vandalising shops and vehicles, police officials trying their best to put the situation under control.

The conflict began when members of the Gow Raksha Samiti, a cow protection group, intercepted a vehicle transporting cows, which led to an altercation with Muslim youths.

The situation escalated rapidly, with Muslim youths attacking Hindu youths who were blocking the vehicle. In the ensuing chaos, a Hindu youth was attacked with a knife, and both communities engaged in stone pelting and using sticks against each other. A group of individuals also destroyed car mirrors during the melee.

The BJP responded by staging a protest in front of the local police station, demanding action against the attackers. As violence spread, the police intervened, attempting to control both groups and restore order. Authorities have closed shops in the town to prevent further escalation.

The conflict has highlighted the ongoing tensions between different communities in the region, and the police are working hard to bring the situation under control and ensure the safety of all residents.

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