Violence erupts in northern India after car-scooter collision

Violence erupts in northern India after car-scooter collision

Tensions escalated in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, following a collision between a car and a scooter. What began as a minor accident quickly spiraled into a violent confrontation, involving heated arguments, baton charges, and gunfire, leaving the locality gripped with fear and unrest.

The incident took place in the Kalindi Park area of Lucknow on May 14.

Visuals showed groups clashed fiercely in the chaotic scene at Kalindi Park, exchanging blows with lathis (long sticks) amidst escalating tensions. The air was thick with unrest as the sounds of commotion echoed through the area, with bystanders looking on in alarm.

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon around 2 PM, originated when a car collided with a scooter, resulting in minor scratches on the car. Allegedly, occupants of the car engaged in a verbal altercation with the scooter rider, accusing him of reckless driving. Shortly after, a group of individuals associated with the scooter rider reportedly attacked the residence of the car occupants wielding sticks and rods.

Upon returning home, the scooter rider, identified as Aman, was followed by a group of assailants who attempted to seize his scooter. When confronted by Aman’s family members, the assailants resorted to verbal threats and physical assault, brandishing weapons and escalating the situation. In response, Aman’s family members threw stones, leading to a violent exchange.

During the altercation, the assailants opened fire, reportedly possessing three firearms, heightening the intensity of the conflict. The exact motive behind the confrontation remains unclear, with both parties lodging complaints against each other at the PGI police station.

The incident has sparked concerns about the law and order situation in Lucknow, with residents urging authorities to take swift action to restore peace in the affected area. Police officials have assured a thorough investigation into the matter to identify and apprehend those responsible for instigating the violence.


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