Violent Land Dispute in northern India: brutal kicking and punching involved

Violent Land Dispute in northern India: brutal kicking and punching involved

A fierce altercation over a land dispute erupted in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, leading to violent clashes. 


The incident took place in Saraimanikraj village of the Shadiabad police station area, Ghazipur district on June 16.

Visuals showed there were some boys who dragged the women on the road and beat them with kicks and punches. 


According to reports, opponents attacked Savita Devi’s house, claiming ownership of the land.


In the presence of police, half a dozen individuals began dismantling the house by breaking the mud wall and tin shed and digging the foundation with shovels. The situation escalated as Hari Chauhan’s family protested the actions, leading to a physical confrontation. 


The altercation involved intense kicking and punching, with some boys dragging women onto the road and beating them. Despite the violent scene, onlookers and police officers remained passive observers. 


The clash resulted in injuries to five people, including Hari Chauhan, Neelam Chauhan, Ujala Chauhan, and Manish Chauhan. The injured were taken to the Shadiabad police station, where both parties filed complaints against each other. Due to the severity of their injuries, Ujala and Neelam Chauhan were referred to the district hospital for further treatment.


Shadiabad police station chief Virendra Kumar Barwar stated that the dispute arose over the ownership of the land where Savitri Devi’s house is located, with records indicating it belongs to Manish Chauhan. The police have registered a case against five individuals from both parties and issued a challan for disturbing the peace.

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