Wedding celebration turns tragic as groom’s uncle collapses mid-dance in northern India

Wedding celebration turns tragic as groom’s uncle collapses mid-dance in northern India

A joyous wedding celebration took a tragic turn when a man in northern India’s Rajasthan, dancing enthusiastically at his nephew’s wedding, collapsed suddenly due to a heart attack.

The incident took place in the Nawalgarh city in Jhunjhunu district April 20.

Visuals showed during his nephew’s wedding, the uncle, who was dancing as a DJ, suddenly experienced chest pain and passed away on the spot.

According to information, the celebration turned into mourning when the groom’s uncle passed away due to a heart attack. Kamlesh Dhaka, who suffered a heart attack, had gone to Nawalgarh with his family members on April 20 to fill Maayra’s (bride) part. He had filled Maayra, and during the ritual of ‘Chak-Poojan’, he was dancing joyfully with a pot placed on his head. The groom’s uncle, Sultan Singh, said that during this time, Kamlesh Dhaka had a heart attack and fell down. Seeing this, the people present at the wedding were shocked. Kamlesh Dhaka was immediately taken to the district hospital, where the doctors declared him dead. Doctors attributed Kamlesh Dhaka’s death to cardiac arrest. The news of the groom’s uncle’s death due to a heart attack turned the atmosphere of the entire wedding from joyous to mournful.

After the last rites of the uncle, the wedding rituals of the nephew were completed. However, this video has become a topic of discussion. Just a day earlier, on Tuesday, a few hours before the wedding in Kota, the groom died due to an electric shock. The wedding ceremony was being held at a hotel. Meanwhile, during the Bindoli of the groom in Karauli, his sister committed suicide by hanging. The reasons for the suicides have not been revealed yet.

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