Wild elephant rescues after falling in southern India’s Dam

Wild elephant rescues after falling in southern India’s Dam

In a dramatic incident in southern India’s Kerala, a wild elephant fell into the canal that channels water from the Mullaperiyar Dam and was swept along its strong currents before being rescued by forest guards.


The incident took place in the Mullaperiyar Dam canal at Periyar Tiger Reserve in Idukki district on July 9.

Visuals showed a wild elephant found itself in a perilous situation after accidentally falling into the canal at the Mullaperiyar Dam. Struggling to escape, the massive creature grappled with the powerful currents and the constraints of its own large and heavy body. Despite its size and strength, the elephant-faced significant challenges in its efforts to get ashore, highlighting the dramatic and distressing nature of the incident.


The canal’s strong currents carried the elephant before it became trapped on a grill approximately 100 meters from the dam’s shutter.


Forest guards were the first to spot the distressed elephant struggling against the powerful flow of 120 cubic feet of water per second. Video footage of the elephant’s plight has surfaced online, capturing the dramatic rescue efforts.


The water flow was temporarily reduced to aid the elephant, allowing the animal to swim safely. The elephant, believed to be a female that had been in the area the previous night, accidentally fell into the canal and was swept away by the currents.


The Mullaperiyar Dam, located in Kerala but operated by the Tamil Nadu government, has long been a point of contention and debate due to safety concerns and water-sharing agreements. Built across the Periyar River, the dam is vital for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation in Tamil Nadu. However, residents of Kerala fear its potential collapse and the catastrophic flooding that could follow. Ongoing legal battles and political negotiations reflect the continuing tensions between the two states over the management and regulation of the dam.


This incident underscores the challenges faced by wildlife in regions where human infrastructure intersects with natural habitats, highlighting the need for continued vigilance and cooperation in managing such critical resources.

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