Wild elephants attack grocery store in southern India, chased away by locals

Wild elephants attack grocery store in southern India, chased away by locals

A group of five wild elephants attempted to break into a grocery store in southern India’s Kerala. The incident occurred when the elephants entered the inhabited area, targeting the grocery shop owned by local resident Punyavel.


The incident took place at a grocery store in Munnar’s Cholanad South Division of Idukki district on June 8.

Visuals showed several elephants gathered outside a grocery store. One of the elephants, using its powerful trunk, managed to break the door open. It reached inside the shop, grabbed some items, and then retreated back to the group. The elephants then moved away from the store, disappearing into the surrounding area. The scene left the store damaged and the local residents in awe of the unexpected visit.


According to reports this is not the first time Punyavel’s shop has been attacked by wild animals. Over the years, his store has faced multiple incursions from various wildlife, including wild boars and antelope. According to Punyavel, his shop has been attacked more than 20 times, with the elephants frequently damaging the property and consuming stored goods. Despite these repeated incidents, the forest department often fails to provide adequate compensation, he claims.


The most recent attack saw the elephants breaking the door of the shop. However, the noise woke up the local residents, who quickly mobilized and managed to chase the elephants back into the wild. The forest department has assured the community that they will take measures to prevent the elephants from returning.


Locals remain on high alert as wild animal sightings and attacks in the area are not uncommon, with the Choknad wildebeests being a regular sight for years. The community continues to hope for better support and preventative measures from the authorities to protect their homes and businesses from future wildlife attacks.

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