Woman attempts suicide outside deputy Chief Minister’s office in southern India

Woman attempts suicide outside deputy Chief Minister’s office in southern India

In a desperate plea for justice, a woman attempted suicide outside the camp office of Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.


The incident took place in Amaravati city on June 25.

Visuals showed how the woman was ready to jump from the terrace but the officials reaching the site at the right time prevented her from doing so.


According to reports, the woman sought to draw attention to her grievance regarding a land dispute.


The woman, a resident of Rajahmundry, alleged that her 1200-square-yard land had been unlawfully seized by a female corporator from the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YCP). Despite repeated complaints to the authorities, she claimed no action was taken.


On the previous day, the woman and her husband attempted to meet with Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu but were reportedly blocked by police. Undeterred, they decided to approach Deputy Chief Minister Pawan Kalyan for intervention. However, the police again prevented them from entering the camp office, escorting them to the police station instead.


In a moment of desperation, the woman tried to take her own life outside the camp office to gain an audience with Pawan Kalyan. Police intervened and took her into custody before she could harm herself.


The woman’s allegations highlight ongoing issues of land encroachment and the struggle for justice faced by many citizens. She claimed that a broker, allegedly in cahoots with the female corporator, had illegally occupied her property. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the matter through official channels, she received no redress.


This incident underscores the severe measures individuals may resort to when they feel ignored by the authorities. The woman’s attempt to draw attention to her plight by risking her life has sparked discussions on the need for more responsive governance and effective resolution of land disputes in the region.

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