Woman falls into open manhole in southern India

Woman falls into open manhole in southern India

Following a distressing incident where a woman fell into an open manhole, the city municipal corporation has been quick to act in southern India’s Tamil Nadu.


The incident took place in Coimbatore on June 16.

Visuals showed a woman fell into an open manhole while walking and a man from a nearby store rushed to help her out.


According to reports, the incident, which occurred on a busy city street, highlighted the dangers posed by uncovered manholes and prompted immediate action from local authorities. Finally the manhole was closed on June 17 by the authorities.


City officials acknowledged the gravity of the situation, emphasizing their commitment to public safety and the urgency of addressing such hazards. They have since initiated a comprehensive inspection and closure of open manholes to prevent further accidents.


The incident has brought attention to the broader issue of urban infrastructure maintenance in Indian cities, where uncovered manholes are a recurring problem, posing risks to pedestrians and motorists alike.


Local residents have expressed relief at the prompt action but continue to urge the municipal corporation to ensure regular maintenance and timely repairs to avoid such incidents in the future. The Coimbatore Municipal Corporation has reassured the public that measures are being taken to enhance safety and prevent recurrence of such accidents.

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