Woman gives birth to baby girl inside bus in southern India

Woman gives birth to baby girl inside bus in southern India
In an amusing turn of events a woman gives birth to a baby girl inside a bus in southern India’s Kerala.
The incident took place when the bus was passing through Peramangalam, Thrissur on May 29.
The visuals depict the bus arriving at the hospital campus, followed by the positioning of a stretcher near the bus gate. Subsequently, hospital staff hurriedly gathered medical equipment near the bus in preparation for the delivery. In the final footage, the woman is seen being carefully carried out of the bus.
The woman went into intense labor shortly after the bus passed Peramangalam. Reacting swiftly, the bus driver changed the route and headed directly to the emergency department of Amala Hospital in Thrissur. The bus staff promptly alerted the hospital about the urgent situation.
Upon reaching the hospital, it became apparent that the woman was already in an advanced stage of labor. Passengers quickly disembarked to allow medical personnel to attend to the situation. Doctors and nurses from Amala Hospital immediately sprang into action, ensuring the safe delivery of the baby right inside the bus. After the successful delivery, both the mother and the newborn were promptly transferred to the hospital for further care. Hospital officials confirmed that both the mother and the baby girl are in good health and did not experience any complications during childbirth.
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