Woman rescued from flash flood in central India amid sudden heavy rains

Woman rescued from flash flood in central India amid sudden heavy rains

In a dramatic rescue operation in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a woman was saved from being swept away in a flash flood in a hill stream. 


The incident took place near the village of Khari Dhana in the Bhimpur block of Betul district on July 8. 

Visuals showed in a gripping scene amidst a flash flood, a man was seen bravely rescuing a woman who was being swept away by the rushing waters. The torrential flow was intense, and the floodwaters had spread quite far. Nearby, several villagers were standing at a safe distance, shouting instructions and guidance to the rescuer and the woman in distress. Their voices echoed over the tumultuous roar of the flood, directing them on where to step and how to navigate through the treacherous waters. 


On Monday, sudden heavy rains caused a flash flood in a hill stream trapping a woman who was collecting firewood in the jungle. Identified as Sadhana Bai, wife of Mithilesh Uikey, she found herself stranded amidst rising waters. With quick thinking, she managed to grab onto a rock and prevent herself from being carried away by the strong current.


Local villagers, alerted by the situation, swiftly organized a rescue using ropes to safely extract her from the raging waters. Sunil Kumar, a resident, recounted how the torrential rains had escalated the stream’s water level, catching Sadhana Bai off guard during her routine activity.


Meteorological reports indicated a significant rainfall of 42.4 mm within an hour, contributing to a total of 236.4 mm this season in the Betul district. Weather authorities have forecasted continued thunderstorms and heavy rainfall accompanied by lightning in the coming days.


The prompt action of the villagers ensured that Sadhana Bai escaped unharmed, highlighting the community’s resilience and readiness to face such natural calamities.

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