World’s largest Igloo cafe becomes new tourist attraction in northern India

The world’s largest igloo cafe becomes the new attraction for tourists in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir amid snowfall. The igloo cafe named Snoglu, derived from the words snow and igloo, is created in Gulmarg.

Visuals shot on February 9 feature tourists thronging at the igloo cafe as it looks nothing less than a paradise. The unique concept of the cafe is a delight to the eyes of the tourists visiting the place in the winter season. Besides, the entire region around the cafe remains encased in layers of snow, making it a picturesque scene, straight out of an artist’s painting. Needless to say, the visitors sit and enjoy their hot beverages while the tables and chairs are made of ice. Also, the centerpiece of the cafe makes the igloo more eye-catching.

India’s first and largest Igloo Cafe in the world launched by Kolahoi Green Hotel and Resorts opened its doors for tourists in February. The most outstanding feature of this cafe is that its tables and chairs are made up of ice, while they serve only drinks and snacks, not the main course dishes due to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the cafe can accommodate up to 40 customers, making it more exceptional. The height of the igloo records down at 37.50 feet with a diameter of 44.50 feet and walls almost 48 inches thick.

It took 64 days for people to assemble the cafe after working on it relentlessly. Besides, it took 1,700 man-days to complete building the Snoglu, while those who formed it claim that it will melt by the first week of March. Nevertheless, the unique cafe has become a centre of attraction for everyone in Gulmarg.

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