Young man assaulted after theft allegations in northern India

Young man assaulted after theft allegations in northern India

A young man was beaten miserably in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh after he was accused of being a thief.

The incident took place in the limits of Mamu Bhanja area of Aligarh on June 18.

Visuals showed the spine chilling site of the accused being dragged and brought on the road late in night. He was being beaten brutally by a group of 8-10 people with sticks. The man can be seen pleading with the mob to leave him although the group continued beating him awfully which resulted in the man’s on spot death.

According to the reports, the deceased has been identified as Mohammad Farid alias Aruranzeb. Reports revealed that Farid’s family and acquaintances caused an uproar in the locality. The youth’s family started creating chaos alleging mob lynching.

According to officials, it was around 1 am when Rohit’s friend visited him in the Mamu Bhanja area. When leaving after tea and snacks, they saw an unknown young man, that was Farid, on the stairs. Mistaking him for a thief, the family and neighbors started beating him severely, resulting in his death.

The officials stated that police had reached the locality immediately and have started investigating the matter. To get the situation under control, they have assured the victim’s family and acquaintances that they are looking into the matter and will soon deliver justice.


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