Youngster from northern India sets Guinness World Record for most claps during push-ups

Youngster from northern India sets Guinness World Record for most claps during push-ups

Hard work pays off, always. No matter the resources available. And when determination and focus are in the right place, one can go on to achieve great things in life, or atleast make a name for oneself. Kuwar Amritbir Singh has not only set a world record but an example that he aspires the youth of India to take up.

Hailing from Umarwala village located in Batala city of Gurdaspur district in northern India’s Punjab, the young man has gotten his name etched in the history books, as for now. He has set a new Guinness World Record for most claps (with fingertips) in a minute while doing push-ups (45). Now, this might sound like child’s play or not that big of a deal.

Those who do push-ups, know how hard it is to keep going on even for a period of more than 30-35 seconds, other than trained professionals. But Singh, not only was able to do clean push-ups for over a minute but also managed to clap each time he did one, which makes his achievement pretty unique and special.

What’s even more fascinating is that he did all of it, without any proper training equipment or even going to a gym. Using cement blocks, bricks, tiles, tires and even plastic bottles, Singh ensured that he trained hard enough to not let anything get in his way of achieving this monumental feat. In one of his training videos, he was seen using a sack full of sand as a punching bag to practice and keep fit.

He started training for this record, way back in 2019 after finishing school. And in three years, he worked hard enough and ensured he didn’t leave any stone unturned, despite not training at popular gyms and using modern-day fitness equipment. Singh instead opted to go the ‘desi’ way, as he says and it well and truly has seemed to have paid off, big time.

“I haven’t gone to any gym till now to do my practice. Instead, I have made my own homemade desi workout equipment with plastic bottles, cement tiles, bricks, tires, tubes in the tires etc,” a vivacious Singh said while speaking to NewsLions.

On February 8, Singh attempted his record. On spread-out red mats, Singh attempted this record. With a head full of dreams and a heart overflowing with hope, he applied for his feat to be acknowledged by the renowned Guinness Book of World Records.

And dreams do come true, they say if one puts every ounce of effort they can into achieving it. Singh’s hard work paid off when the famous body accepted his effort as an official world record on July 28. On August 12, he received his Guinness World Record certificate and expectedly, Singh’s joy knew no bounds. He was a very happy man, finally able to achieve what many others could dream of.

Having attained an international reputation, Singh has now set his sights firmly on making himself popular so that he could inspire the country’s youth. And what’s his message?

“I want to go for reality shows like Khatron Ke Khiladi and Big Boss and inspire the youth of my country that one can do anything anytime, without any equipment or other benefits, only if one has the passion for it,” Singh signed off.

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