Youth attacked by leopard in northern India, brave locals chase big cat away

Youth attacked by leopard in northern India, brave locals chase big cat away

A leopard attack in the northern India’s Uttarakhand was captured on video, showing locals courageously chasing away the predator to save a youth.

The incident took place in the Farsadi area of Pauri in Pauri Garhwal district on June 20.

Visuals showed the youth throwing stones at the bushes, trying to drive away the big cat. However, the leopard, hiding in the foliage, suddenly pounced on the youth, knocking him to the ground.

Eyewitnesses reported that the leopard had been roaming the area and sought refuge among the bushes when approached by locals. The attack was triggered when one of the youths began throwing stones at the leopard to scare it away. In a swift and fierce response, the leopard emerged and attacked.

Despite the suddenness and intensity of the attack, the other youths present displayed remarkable bravery. Instead of fleeing, they rushed towards the leopard, chasing it away and rescuing their friend. The leopard, overwhelmed by the approaching crowd, retreated into the forest, leaving the injured youth behind.

The entire encounter was filmed by locals on their mobile phones. The video captures the terrifying moment of the attack and the subsequent heroic efforts to drive the leopard away. This incident is not isolated, as the region has seen several leopard attacks in the past, with some proving fatal.

Local authorities have urged residents to exercise caution and avoid provoking wildlife to prevent such dangerous encounters.

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