Youth engineer’s innovation shines: multilingual robot takes center stage in central India

Youth engineer’s innovation shines: multilingual robot takes center stage in central India

In a small, quaint village nestled within central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a tale of ingenuity unfolds as youth engineer Shivam Sahu unveils his latest creation: a multilingual robot.

The incident took place in Dindori district on June 9.

Visuals showed how the robot can perform push ups, flex its arms and shake hands on the boy’s voice command, he also mentioned that the robot can take voice commands in both English and Hindi languages to shake hands and other basic stuff.

Crafted meticulously over the span of two months, this technological marvel stands as a testament to Sahu’s unwavering dedication and innovative spirit.

Drawing upon the vast expanse of knowledge available on the internet, Sahu embarked on a journey to bring his vision to life. Through tireless effort and sheer determination, he succeeded in developing a robot capable of understanding not just one, but two languages: English and Hindi. But Sahu’s creation doesn’t stop there—it’s equipped with the ability to perform exercises, a feature that adds both practicality and charm to its repertoire. From simple greetings to engaging in physical activities, the robot serves as a testament to Sahu’s creativity and technical prowess.

But Sahu’s accomplishments extend beyond the confines of his workshop. As a student enrolled at the local library and governmental polytechnic, he understands the importance of sharing knowledge and inspiring others. With this in mind, he generously shares his creation method with fellow students, igniting their curiosity and passion for innovation. Moreover, Sahu emphasises the responsible use of mobile technology as a tool for self-improvement—a message that resonates deeply in today’s digital age.

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