Youth’s risky stunt in western India turns sour: cars stuck in sea

Youth’s risky stunt in western India turns sour: cars stuck in sea

A group of young individuals with their car create Instagram reels, only to find themselves in a perilous situation in western India’s Gujarat. 


The incident took place in Bhadreshwar a village in Mundra Taluka of Kutch district and the video went viral on June 23.

Visuals showed youths stranded near their submerged cars, surrounded by water.

According to reports, their attempt to film stunts on the shore took a disastrous turn when both vehicles got trapped in the deep waters of the sea. 


Despite efforts by local villagers, who came to their aid and managed to extract the vehicles, one of the Thars suffered an engine failure. The dramatic sequence of events caught the attention of Mundra Marine Police, prompting them to investigate the matter thoroughly. Subsequently, legal action was taken against the owners of both vehicles under sections 279, 114, 177, and 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act.


The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with reckless behavior for the sake of social media fame. Authorities have emphasized the importance of adhering to safety regulations and respecting natural environments, particularly in coastal areas prone to such incidents.

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