15-year-old critically injured after pitbull attack in northern India

15-year-old critically injured after pitbull attack in northern India

A 15-year-old boy was left critically injured  after he was attacked by a pitbull in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened in Ghaziabad city on April 9.

CCTV footage captured the brutal attack by the dog on the boy. Identified as Altaf, the victim was mostly helpless as it could not fend off the dog which bit him continuously. Despite various attempts, the dog would not let go and continued to attack Altaf who laid on the ground and later got back up and ran away to escape from the animal. The canine continued its pursuit of the boy and continued its attack. In all this time, a man was seen standing at a distance and watching the attack and quite surprisingly, he didn’t intervene to shoo away the dog.

After a while of the dog’s relentless attack, a man was seen rushing to Altaf’s aid and the latter managed to get inside a building. Street dogs too came in and charged at the pitbull. According to a report, Altaf was admitted to a hospital in Delhi and is undergoing treatment. As for the dog, its owners had moved into the locality not very long ago and the neighbours had then protested against keeping such a pet. The pitbull, after this attack, was seized by the municipal corporation and no police complaint has been filed till now.

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