Bulls lock horns inside garment store in central India

Bulls lock horns inside garment store in central India

In a bizarre development, two bulls were seen clashing with each other inside of a cloth store in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened at the Pan Dariba area in Jabalpur district on April 8.

Visuals showed the two bulls colliding with each other. One of these two bovines had pinned the other to the water with its horns and the contest seemed pretty one-sided until both were seen locking horns as well. The two animals wreaked quite havoc inside the shop as they damaged all the shelves with clothes lying all around. They stamped on the garment during their clash and damaged them as well. Frightened customers and others who were present quickly ran away from the spot to save their lives from the rampaging animals. Later on, a couple of men were seen trying to pull the tail of one of the bulls in order to take it out of the shop.

However, the efforts by these men proved to be futile as the animals didn’t leave the store.

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