30 teeth surgically removed from 10-year-old in central India

Doctors in central India’s Madhya Pradesh operated upon a 10-year-old boy and removed 30 extra teeth, thus providing him a much needed relief.

The surgery was performed by Dr Sachin Thakur, Associate Professor, Dept of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Modern Dental College and Research Center in Indore city on February 19.

A mass containing the teeth were removed from the upper jaw of Mo. Kamran Ali.

Speaking to Newslions, Dr Thakur said that the boy’s parents had taken him to a private clinic but it remained undiagnosed.

Asked about the time of diagnosis, he said, “I would say it was a bit late. The boy was carrying the extra teeth four four years. The private clinic could not diagnose but as soon as they came to the college, we took X-ray and CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) and detected the problem.”

According to the doctor, the boy’s swelling had increased during the last few years, while there was no permanent tooth on the affected side till the age of 10.

The patient was kept on a 24-hour watch, following which the surgery was performed by a team comprising Dr Sachin Thakur, Dr Michael P and Dr Shishir Dubey.

“The tests revealed multiple teeth were pushing the permanent tooth. Surgery was planned under local anesthesia and we cut open the tumour like a bag. We identified the teeth structure, and removed 30 unformed teeth,” the doctor added.

“The teeth were of variable sizes that ranged from smallest at 1 mm to largest at 8 mm. They had a small crown, enamel and a small root. The boy suffered from compound composite odontoma, a benign tumour. It is not known whether the condition was caused by genetic or environmental factors. It is a very rare condition,” Dr Thakur said.

The patient was discharged a day later.

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