Spirited passengers push coaches away from burning compartments in northern India

Passengers push train in a bid to separate the rest of the compartments from the engine and two compartments on which the fire broke out in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh on March 5. The incident took place at the Daurala railway station in the Meerut district.

Visuals feature the passengers using their collective force to haul the train to the station after the fire engulfs the two coaches in daylight. People, including the railway station staff, push the train away from the affected coaches and the engine in order to prevent the fire from spreading.

According to reports, the fire erupted from two coaches of the passenger train moving from Saharanpur to Delhi. The fire was allegedly caused due to a short circuit. However, the police alerted the fire brigade, and their team reached the spot.

Fortunately, after hours of effort, the fire tenders managed to douse the blaze. Meanwhile, no casualty was reported as passengers alighted the train. Moreover, several other trains got affected due to the incident.

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