56-year-old man spends 30 minutes in ice-cold water in a bid to make world record in southern India

A 56-year-old man pushed his body to the limit where he spent 30 minutes submerged in a barrel full of ice-cold water to make a world record in southern India’s Telangana.

The incident took place in the Theegalaguttapally, located in the Karimnagar district, on February 2.

Visuals feature the man staying put inside a barrel full of ice-cold water. He braves the freezing temperature and remains submerged neck-deep inside the container while the onlookers gather around and behold the experience.

Identified as Kamarapu Ravinder, the man immersed himself in the barrel in his bid to be included in the Wonder Book of Records. Moreover, Ravinder is a fitness enthusiast and is used to pushing his body to the limits.

Before this, in 2017, he braved the scorching heat and successfully completed a 10k run in a record time of 47.30 minutes. Moreover, his routine includes walking for nearly 10km (6.21 miles) daily. 

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