78-year-old woman use unusual yet effective technique to catch fish in Malaysia

This elderly woman used an innovative method to catch fish- 18 in 15 minutes- in Malaysia.

The incident took place in Kelantan state’s Kampung Pantai Sabak on February 11.

Visuals showed the woman using a bottle- cut in half- mixing a white substance with water and throwing it in the waterbody. Moments later, she tugs it and voila! takes out a fish from the bottle that she caught.

According to witness Mohd Die Shuhainie bin Ibrahim, a native of Kuala Lumpur, the woman, aged 78, used flour as bait. She built the entire fishing equipment using other simple equipment such as bottle, fishing line, string and cork.

Speaking to Newslions, Ibrahim said he was fascinated by the unusual, yet effective technique and thus decided to film it.

“I went to a place called Kampung Pantai Sabak in Kelantan to visit my brother-in-law. He then brings me to visit the aunty who is his friend. During that time, we saw her trying to catch a fish but there was no fishing rod, fishhook and normal bait being used. It seems very easy for her to get a fish. So, I asked her to try on my own. She teaches me how to do it. After a second try, I managed to get a fish. I got 2 fish within 3 minutes. While the aunty managed to get 18 fish within 15 minutes. Since this is a new experience for me, I decided to film a video from the beginning and share this rare technique to everyone,” Ibrahim said.

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